Stewart High Flow Water Pump


Absolutely the best water pump ever produced for a BMW car. Stewart Components is the leading producer of water pumps for NASCAR, Ford and Chevy V-8 domestic racers, as well as many newer electric OEM applications from BMW and Mercedes. This unique pump solves many problems associated with the stock design and later aftermarket evolutions, and introduces impressive performance and durability features:


  • 15% flow increase
  • Twice as efficient as factory pump
  • Stainless steel impeller
  • Silicon Carbide and Sintered Carbon Graphite Seal
  • Rebuildable




The initial plastic impeller pump design was lightweight and provided adequate flow for low RPM use, but eventually cracked. Later designs used a heavier metal impeller that proved to be very hard on the bearings in the unit. Stewart has used a proprietary impeller that reduces strain on the bearings and seals in the unit. This means greater life for the bearings. Additionally an oversized FAG bearing and high quality seal ensure long life.

The impeller design allows for more fluid to be pumped at any given rpm. At high RPM it eliminates cavitation of the pump completely which means more cooling for your car, eliminating completely the elevated temps seen by many on the track. Racers will be able to further underdrive this pump for even less less power loss.


Price $195.00



Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator Upgrade



The stock radiator has an aluminum core but with plastic end-tanks and hose connections that become brittle and can leak or crack. You may not even realize your radiator neck is cracked until it's too late and you're stranded on the side of the freeway or unable to continue with your track day. An all-aluminum design does not suffer the defects of similar plastic construction. FLUIDYNE quality is what sets them apart from every other manufacturer. Their radiators feature a high-tech CAB-brazed core construction instead of epoxy (which can leak). All tanks and brackets are TIG welded by hand in the USA. If you plan on owning your BMW for many years to come, or are using it in a situation where failure is NOT an option such as track or racing, then this should be your only option instead of the failure-prone stock radiators.


This is a direct bolt-in replacement unit for the OE radiator meaning it retains all ports, maintains use of your OE auxiliary fans for use on the street


100% brazed aluminum core

Fluidyne cores are approximately twice as thick as original cores for better cooling

No epoxy joints

High efficiency air fins

Polished aluminum tanks

TIG-welded tanks and brackets


Price $599.00



Performance Low Temp 71 deg Thermostat



Cooler engines make more power and reduce stress on the cooling system. E36 cars came stock with either 88 or 92 degree C thermostats.  This thermostat is what we use in all our turbo cars for maximum cooling.


71 degree thermostat


Price $25.00





CES Motorsport Race Ready Expansion Tank E36






"Version 2 in the works"


CES Motorsport has produced one of the best aftermarket expansion tank upgrades for the E36.  No more blowing or cracking the factory plastic tank under the added heat and stressed caused by hard track or street use.


Stock Configuration Expansion Tank / OEM Fitment. Will work with stock and aftermarket radiators.


Incorporates OEM coolant sensor usinhg factory connections and stock hoses.


Larger Capacity than OEM


Easy Install


Made from high quality (.090) 6061 Aluminum


Billet Filler neck


TIG welded


Lightweight ( Lighter than stock plastic tank)


Durability ( APR. 1000 lb. Force without welds breaking!) You literally have to run a car over this thing to damage it!


Superior design and craftmanship at an unbelievable price for what you get.





(Comes complete with 29psi racing radiator cap, hardware, and instructions.)



Price $249.00




"Version 2 in the works"


CES Motorsport Complete Oil Cooler Kit



CES has produced it's own high performance oil cooler kits for the BMW E36.  Cooler engines make more power and reduce stress on the engine adding to longevity and reliablity.  A must for track cars or high horsepower street machines.


Our oil cooler kits come complete with one of our own custom RallyRoad designed Oil cooler caps,  oil filter, -8an or -10an fittings and braided lines, and a front mount oil cooler reservoir with our custom mounting bracket that allows clearance for large front mount air to air intercoolers like ones used in our CES Turbo Systems. Our oil cooler cap also incorporates an extra 1/8 npt port to attach a sensor such as oil temp. 


The cap is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and hard coat anodized for scratch resistance and is the only oil cooler cap available with a sealing mechanism to direct oil flow through the cooler lines and back through the oil filter. Other oil cooler caps tend to pressurize both inlets and outlets, reducing the effective flow of the cooling system.


Recent flow testing shows that the CES oil cooler cap will outflow the Euro M3 Oil Filter Housing by more than 80% at the same, pressure, RPM, and oil temperature. In the upper RPM range, there is nearly a 100% improvement in flow when compared to the Euro M3 oil filter housing. That is a huge difference in flow and why our oil cooler kit is the absolute best option when choosing an oil cooling upgrade for your E36 street or track car.


Oil Cap Design features include:


-8AN o-ring ports provide a leak free OE-like fit without the use of Teflon tape


Viton o-rings used throughout to maintainfunction and sealing in a high temperature oil environment


Uses stock filter cap bolt to reduce cost and simplify installation


Internal sealing mechanism directs oil flow through the oil cooler and back through the filter unlike most other aftermarket oil caps.


1/8" NPT side port for external oil pressure gauge





Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom assembly of the oil cooler kit.


Complete CES Oil Cooler Kit


-8an line kit Price  $635.00


-10an line kit Price $650.00


Select AN Size
Select Stainless or Black Braided Line



CES Motorsport Oil Cooler Cap Only




We also off our oil cooler cap for purchase separately.


Includes oil cooler cap, filter sealing ring adapter piece, filter, and either -8an or -10an black fittings to run your lines.


"This is the only oil cooler cap available with an actual sealing mechanism to direct the oil flow through the cooler lines and then through the oil filter.  Other cooler caps do not provide this seal and therefore the external oil coolers and lines act as a "balloon".  The lines and cooler are pressurized, but oil does not flow through them.  Flowing oil means it is being cooled and not just acting as an external reservoir.


Rally Road has run an oil cooler cap flow comparison test with a Hedland 0-5.5 GPM flow meter.  The difference in FLOW between this oil cooler cap, the euro M3 oil filter housing, and the competition was astounding!


Recent flow testing shows that the oil cooler cap will outflow the Euro M3 Oil Filter Housing by more than 80% at the same, pressure, RPM, and oil temperature!  That is a huge difference in flow!


In the upper RPM range, there is nearly a 100% improvement in flow when compared to the Euro M3 oil filter housing. 


Hands down, this is the best oil cooling cap upgrade you can buy.


Price $235.00


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