Active Autowerke BMW N54 335i Performance Upgrades



E9X 335 (N54) K&N Drop In Filter
Active Autowerke BMW 135i 335i BOV Kit
Active Autowerke BMW 135i 335i Intercooler FMIC (Sport Version)

BMW 335i N54 Performance Downpipes

Active Autowerke BMW 335i Signature Exhaust

f you are an N54 powered BMW 335i owner, then you already know how much fun two turbos mated to an inline 6 cylinder German engine can be.

You also know you're ready for more. One of the easiest way to add some extra horsepower and efficiency to your late model BMW is with a drop-in panel filter.

This piece improves many different aspects of the N54 335i's engine performance, at an affordable price.

Price: $79.00

Our single BMW 135i 335i BOV Kit sports a huge venturi, designed to handle excess pressure build-up against the turbo compressor impeller blades, pressure at the impeller to stop spinning (a.k.a. Compressor Surge),which can damage the compressor wheel and shaft. With our 135i 335i Performance BOV in place, the stock turbos are protected as the boost is raised you can take HP to the stratosphere, enjoy the spoils of all that performance, and get that cool ”whoosh“ sound as your machine spits out excess inlet pressure.


All hardware & fittings have that quality factory look you demand, and are built to perform flawlessly under the most aggressive boost conditions. Combine with our Software for the ultimate performance tandem


Key Features:

-High-efficiency single displacement BOV takes place of two smaller plastic valves

-Large opening can handle maximum boost, provide high flow

-Proven and tested to handle 600+ HP

-All aluminum venturi design with factory-style throttle clamp

-CNC machined flange

-Durable black powder-coated wrinkle finish

-Illustrated instruction manual & installation guide for easy ”Plug ‘n Play

Price $595.00

Looking to maintain the power on your BMW 135i and 335i? The Active Autowerke BMW 135i 335i front mount intercooler is the best performing bolt-on performance intercooler that you can buy. Simply by bolting on this intercooler on a stock car, you can expect over 10 wheel horsepower gains due to the revised efficiency, or even more with additional performance modifications like  Active Autowerke BMW 135i Downpipes and exhaust. This intercooler is created to handle more internal airflows than its stock counterpart, and will not heat soak as readily like the BMW factory unit. This intercooler has the largest swept area that could possibly be fitted within the confines of the BMW factory bumper. Included in each intercooler kit is all the piping necessary with heavy duty silicone hoses and clamps all for a smooth, trouble free installation. 



Designed specifically for the BMW E8X 135i and E9X 335i in 2 door and 4 door configurations, it also fits both, early models (07 - 08) and later models (09 -).  Just specify your particular model and the kit will be built to include all the necessary hardware for your specific application at no additional cost to you. Minor trimming may be needed for proper fitment.


Intercooler core dimensions 6.00" Tall, 20.00" Wide, 6.00" Thick

    Capable for up to 550 WHP

    Finished in BLACK for a stealth look


Key Features:


    Industry standard bar and plate core design for that rugged construction

    Delivers substantially more internal airflow than the factory BMW unit

    No heat soak measured on street application

    Delivers an increase in performance consistenly

    Cast end tanks with sturdy mounting bosses

    Full aluminum piping with proper silicone hoses and clamps for a trouble free, simple install

    Detailed CD instructions featuring mostly pictures with less text

    Easy to install to the factory set-up with the benefits of reversibility if needed    




Price: $699.00

A turbo impeller wheel speed is mostly limited by the exhaust back pressure within the system. If one could eliminate some or most of this exhaust back pressure, the turbo will spool that much faster and effortlessly resulting in quicker engine revs and increase HP. The Active Autowerke Signature 335i downpipe is designed with the intent to maximize in power. The downpipes are created with the least amount of restrictions possible by utilizing a full 3" piping throughout with the least amount of bends possible, that is impressive when compared to the factory diameter of 2.50". What you will experience is a faster, more responsive engine because the turbo impeller now has the ability to spool that much faster. The end result is more power from your BMW 335i exhaust. For added durability, factory like support braces are also implemented to alleviate stresses upon the turbos. Made from 304 stainless throughout ensures a robust and durable exhaust that will provide trouble free performance with the longevity to match. All flanges are 304 stainless with the 0.060" wall thickness (~1.5 m.m.)
NOTE: designed for off-road use, car will have CEL without Software Upgrade for Off-Road use
Key Features:
-Designed with less restrictive curves and more straight flows
-Full 3.00" diameter piping throughout allows for maximum power output
-Quicker turbo spool
-Durable construction from 304 stainless with 1.50mm wall thickness
-Precise fit installation
-Full down pipe exhaust support braces relieves load bearing stress
+20-30whp gains seen from doing downpipe upgrades.

Price: $699.00

The Active Autowerke BMW 335i Signature Exhaust system is the leading BMW exhaust system for the E90, E92, & E93 335i. This system is completely bolt-on and constructed out of 100% 304 stainless steel boasting Dual 90 MM tips and all stainless steel hardware.


This exhaust system increases exhaust airflow by over 35% and features a true X-pipe design which increases the exhaust system’s scavenging affect opposed to most manufacturers who use simple H-pipe designs. This full system bolts on to your factory downpipes (system includes connecting pipes, X-pipe, and dual rear mufflers), and also features several adjustments points to allow for the addition of rear diffusers and an anti-flex design to assure proper fitment at all times (This is the only BMW 335i exhaust system on the market to features a bracket that connects the two mufflers together, bracket is not visible). The Active Autowerke BMW 335i Signature exhaust system has been dyno proven to add an additional 15-22 RWHP and is a must for the true enthusiast.  Add our Active Autowerke BMW 335i Downpipe for even more horsepower!


-Dual 90mm stainless steel tips

-Complete Bolt On (No Cutting Required)

-100% Polished 304 Stainless steel -True X pipe Design

-Anti-Flex Design & Hardware

-All Stainless steel hardware

-Dyno-proven -Gains of 17+ RWHP

-Large inlet pipes with super high-flow design

-Illustrated instruction manual -2 Year Warranty


Price: $1,890.00