CES Turbo Piping BMW E36

 CES Stage1, 2 and 3 Turbo Intercooler Piping


CES STAGE 1-3 Intercooler Piping Kit



Specially designed for maximum air flow by a NASCAR specialist and made of polished 16G Aluminum, our turbo piping is the best on the market for the E36 BMW.


Fits Garrett GT35R and GTX35R Size turbo with 2.5" outlet and 4" turbo inlet.


Consisting of a 3" intercooler to intake manifold pipe with 3" intake elbow piece to the throttle body, all aluminum bov re-route pipe(no rubber hoses here...) charge pipe (from intercooler to turbo), and filter pipe (from filter to turbo).  Polished 16G Al.


"BOV re-route pipe has integrated bung to recirculate crank-case vent for emissions compliance, or can be blocked off for racing purposes."


"Intercooler to intake manifold pipe has a Greddy style flange for mounting the BOV.  Can be used with AA bov, or Greddy bov, or Tial Bov with Greddy to Tial Adapter Plate. (sold separately)


Our new pricing now includes all clamps and couplers!


Inlet sizes are 3“ from intercooler to 3" intake elbow, to throttle body, 3.5“ from air filter to 3“ pipe which transitionoins to 4" turbo inlet (with coupler), and a 2" to 3“ pipe from turbo to intercooler inlet with 2.5" coupler reducer from the turbo outlet, for maximum flow and spool characteristics.


Designed to work with the 803 draw thru Maf, but can also be used with a blow through Maf setup with some modification by blocking the bov recirculation port on the intake/filter pipe and welding on an adapter flange on the main intercooler to manifold pipe to accomodate a blow thru maf.  


Directly bolts up to our CES intercooler. 




CES Turbo Intercooler Piping Kit  $499.00


 CES Custom Turbo Intercooler



CES Custom Racing Grade Turbo Intercoolers BMW E36


Authentic High quality Garrett Cores... No Chinese Knock offs here...  and high grade polished Aluminum Custom Fabricated end tanks in house. 


Capable of flowing from 800-1200 whp with 3“ inlet and outlet pipes that are bead rolled to prevent slippage.


Laser scanned design to fit perfectly behind the M3 stock bumper. 


Angled inlet and outlet pipes optimize air flow for maximum power gains. 


Comes with all the necessary brackets and hardware for a bolt on fit.


Compatible with all CES Turbo Systems and piping.



(Trimming of the front metal bumper is necessary to fit this intercooler)


  12" x 24" x 3" core     800whp     $999.00


    12" x 24" x 3.5" core  1000whp  $1099.00


    12" x 24" x 4" core    1200whp   $1299.00

(may require extra modification of the bumper to fit)



Please Call Us to build your custom Intercooler.




Coming Soon!


New Turbo Intercooler Piping and Downpipe/WG re-route Pipes for the New Steedspeed Twinscroll Manifold...

 CES Turbo 3" Intake Elbow


CES 3" High Flow Turbo Intake Elbow


We offer both high quality polished t304 stainless steel, or 16G polished Aluminum versions of our elbow... It has a 3“ diameter that dramatically increases air flow when compared to other competitor’s cast elbows, bead rolled edges to keep silicone couplers from slipping, and an integrated bung on the bottom with a barb fitting to connect to factory plumbing. 


Direct factory replacement will withstand high levels of boost pressure.  Excellent replacement for factory rubber elbow and a must for turbo or other boosted applications.  Comes with ICV bung and barb fitting to connect ICV hose like factory.





Polished T304 Stainless Steel Elbow

(no CES logo)






16G Polished Aluminum Elbow with CES logo  out of stock