Bosch Motorsport 42# Injectors


Bosch Motorsport 42# Injectors 


Come standard with our Stage 2 GT35R Turbo System.


Ev1 style connector, 42lb/hr, 450cc/min, high impendance


$360.00 set of 6


 Siemens DEKA 60# Injectors


Siemens DEKA 60# injectors


Come standard with our stg3 and stg4 Turbo Systems.


Ev1 style connector, 60lb/hr, 630 cc/min, high impendance


$450.00 set of 6


 Siemens 80# Injectors


Siemens 80# Injectors


Come standard with our Stage 4 GT Turbo System.


Ev1 style connector, 80 lb/hr (870cc)/min, Hi Impedence


$515.00 set of 6


 Walbro 255L Fuel Pump


Walbro 255L Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit


Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump with wiring/filter installation kit. High Flow pump with the correct opening to re-use your oem fuel filter or the included walbro filter.

Used in our Stage 2 GT Turbo systems for +500-550 motor hp levels of power.


$135.00 (includes pump and wiring/filter kit)


 Walbro 400lph Fuel Pump Upgrade


Walbro 450LPH E85 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit



Walbro 400+ LPH E85 Compatible In-tank Fuel Pump with Wiring and Filter Install Kit. Part# F90000267.  Used in our stg4 GT turbo systems for +800 to +900 motor levels of power or for those customers who want to also run E85.


$215.00 (includes pump and wiring/filter kit)


 RallyRoad BMW E36 Dual Fuel Pump Hanger


RallyRoad BMW E36 Dual Fuel Pump Hanger


Dual Fuel Pump Hanger for the E36 BMW.  Allows for attachment of single feed and return lines when creating a custom fuel system.  Retains factory fuel level sensor.  Includes sealed wire pass-thru for pump and level sensor wiring.  Some wiring modifications will be required.


Will hold any combination of standard body fuel pumps.  Aeromotive 340, Walbro 255, Walbro 400, HFP 300, etc.


*Fuel Pumps Not Included






RallyRoad BMW E36 Fuel Pump Installation Sleeve Adapter (VERSION 2)


This is an aircraft quality billet adapter sleeve and clamp kit designed to simplify the installation of an Aeromotive or Walbro fuel pump upgrade into the factory BMW E36 fuel pump housing and carrier.  Mounts the new pump securely in the proper location.


Version 2 design has integrated grooves to allow for better clamping of the pump once it is fastened in place.


Includes an all stainless steel mil-spec hose clamp to secure the fuel pump.  There is a notch on the top  of the sleeve to clip into the oem plastic carrier so it sits securely.  Attach the clamp to the bottom edge  of the fuel pump sleeve which stops the pump from sliding too far down and keeps the pump secure. 


The Version 2 accomodates Walbro 400/450 pumps as well as the walbro 255 and aeromotive 340. 





Fuel Pump Sleeve Adapter