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 CES Motorsport Heavy Duty Rear Subframe Upgrade E36




CES Motorsport +1000 hp Heavy Duty Rear Subframe Conversion E36


We have the ultimate upgrade for your BMW E36 rear subframe. The stock E36 rear subframe is notorious for cracking or shearing under loads that it simply was  not designed to handle.  Even the E36 differential is too small for the kind of power and will shear the teeth off from power levels that a supercharged or turbocharged E36 motor can put out. 


CES Motorsport is proud to present our own custom designed rear subframe conversion upgrade to handle all the power you can make out of your E36 M3!  Designed to fit our 750 differential conversion, this steel subframe is reinforced in all the right places known to be weak spots on the oem subframe, and built to handle well over 1000whp. 


Comes with heavy  duty bushings used in NASCAR series cup cars.  They only use two of these to handle 900hp, we use four....  Bottom mounting design of the subframe makes dropping the differential a breeze compared to the oem subframe.  Now all you have to do is drop the bottom mounting bracket, release the two rear bracket bolts and one side bolt and the diff drops right down for easy swapping or maintenance.


This truly is the best upgrade for anyone looking to make serious power and keep it to the ground safetly without shearing or breaking the oem stamped metal subframe to pieces. Comes with all necessary hardware.  OEM fitment for trailing arms and rear camber arms.  Designed to bolt up to our DSS 1000hp driveshaft upgrade or oem 95 M3 driveshaft.

Requires a 750 differential sold separately.


Comes powdercoated black.  Other custom colors available.








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