BMW N54 335 Performance Products

BMS Dual Cone Performance Intake (DCI)
Low Temperature Thermostat By BMS
BMS Oil Catch Can N54
BMS N54 Chargepipe for OEM style diverter valves
BMS Short Throw Clutch Stop

Gain 15+ Horsepower at the wheels with no other modifications.

The best value in N54 intakes!

Featuring high quality S&B inverted cone filters the BMS Dual Cone Performance Intake offers the highest possible flow in an attractive and easy to install/remove package. Not to mention the intoxicating sound. This intake completely replaces your restrictive factory airbox assembly. Includes anodized black aluminum couplers and all required hardware. Does NOT require any cutting or drilling. Mounts to factory inlets. Filters also available in white.


BMS DCI installed


Stock 335 vs Jb4 map 2 and DCI

Price $95.00

Easily lower your engines operating temperature for

maximum driving performance

Maintaining higher oil temperatures reduces emissions at the factory power levels but puts your engine cooling at a serious disadvantage at higher power levels. This simple device lowers your oil temperatures by bypassing the factory oil cooling thermostat and allowing oil to circulate through your oil cooler full time. The result is dramatically lower oil temperatures and more consistent engine performance. Engine oil warm-up time is only marginally increased. Installs in minutes and is fully reversible.



The Burger Motorsports low temperature thermostats are CNC machined for a precise fit. Anodized red for protection. Engraved with the BMS logo. Made in The USA.


Choose style 1 or 2 depending on what is installed on your vehicle


Price $59.00

Keep Oil Out of your BMW Air Intake System


It's no secret that the BMW N54 motor suffers from serious oil control problems causing oil to blow through and coat the intercooler and charge piping, gunking up intake valves and the VANOS system, lowering the effective octane, and generally degrading engine performance. The higher your boost levels the more apparent these problems become.


The solution to this problem has finally arrived. The BMS oil catch can. While there are other catch cans on the market they all fall short in various areas. Some are mounted on the hot/turbo side of the motor preventing proper vapor condensation. Others utilize hoses that are too small and runs that are too long to allow proper PCV ventilation causing internal motor / ring sealing issues. Some have insufficient or no internal baffle system while others have internal baffles systems that are too restrictive for the N54 motor. Most are simply repackaged oil catch cans from smaller / lower power motors shoe horned in to place in the N54 engine bay.



To solve these problems BMS designed their oil catch can kit from the ground up specifically for the N54 application. It features 100% CNC machining with zero welding for a precision fit and long life. The can itself is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. The hoses exceed the OEM PCV piping in diameter and that flow rate is maintained throughout the entire oil catch can ensuring no excessive crankcase pressure buildup. The N54 mounting location is out of the way under the cowl allowing for shorter lines, more efficient operation, and a very stealthy look. Install takes around 20 minutes, includes all required hardware, and is 100% reversible. Simply unscrew the base of the can to empty it's contents every 3-6 months.


BMS Oil Catch Can Features


Increases Air Intake Efficiency

Promotes Engine Longevity

Non-Clogging Air/Oil Separation Double Baffle

Free Flow Solid No Restriction Design

Large Intake / Exhaust No Tapering Down

Stealth Mounting on Cool Side of the Motor

Anodized Black Lightweight Aluminum

N54 Model Mounts Out of Sight Under the Cowl

Made in USA & Guaranteed for Life


Price $199.00


Clean, Reliable, Sturdy, Larger and Smoother than Stock

Upgrade your flimsy OEM chargepipe to our heavy duty dual meth bung equipped replacement. In addition to sturdier reliable construction and 3" diameter for increased flow this version of our chargepipe allows you to maintain your OEM or upgraded OEM style diverter valves. Perfect for the enthusiast looking for a stealthy stronger setup.


For those of you who use methanol injection or may want to use methanol injection some day the kit now includes 2 preinstalled bungs ready to receive your 1/8" NPT nozzle like the CM10 we include with all of our methanol kits. Just remove the included cap to install your nozzle and you're off and running. And unlike other charge pipes our methanol bung features a full cone relief for a clean and unobstructed methanol spray pattern.


Since the kit uses all OEM style hardware it installs as easily as your OEM pipe with no cutting or relocating of parts as is common place with other kits. Install and removal takes only minutes. This is simply the highest quality OEM replacement charge pipe you can buy for your N54 motor.




Price $239.00

Faster and smoother shifts with no other modification


This adjustable clutch stop allows faster and smoother shifts by removing the dead space between your clutch pedal and the floor. Snaps in to place like your OEM clutch stop and is fully reversible. Unlike other clutch stops that use metal washers for adjustment ours includes rubberized adjustment shims that do not rattle. Takes only minutes to install or remove. For manual transmissions only.



Price $10.00