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 UUC Twin disc 1000hp Clutch Kits



UUC Twin Disc High Horsepower Clutch E36


Whether your BMW is used for drag racing, drifting, or just embarassing exotic supercars on the street, you need a clutch that can handle the abuse.


UUC's new Twin Disk flywheel/clutch package is designed for BMWs developing the highest levels of power from turbocharging or supercharging.


Until now, taming a 600hp+ BMW meant living with a clutch that was the stereotype "on/off switch" with rough engagement characteristics that made daily-driving a compromise. By incorporating larger disks than the average multi-disk clutch, the UUC design maintains original equipment smooth operation yet easily handles power levels approaching 1,000hp (see material option details below).


Larger surface area of a smoother-functioning material is the key to combining the characteristics of high torque capacity with street-friendly operation in this all-new design.


Total rotating mass of the complete flywheel and twin clutch package is 25.5lbs, the same total mass as a typical 11.5lb flywheel coupled with the M3 clutch or UUC's Stage 2/M5 clutch conversion package.


HIGH CLAMPLOAD version of Feramic kit suited for extreme use cars (drag racing, drift, power levels ~1,000hp). Increased pedal effort will be felt with high clampload version.

Twin Organic: 850hp, 640ft-lb applications


Twin Feramic: 1000hp, 820ft-lb applications



Twin Feramic High Clamp Load



Please select Clutch Disc Type


Please allow 2-3 business days for UUC to put this clutch package together after order is placed.


BMW E36 / E46 M3 Ultimate Performance CCI TWIN DISC Clutch Kit


Want the absolute BEST twin disc clutch for your BMW E36 or E46 M3 for the absolute best price? This is it.  Stock pedal feel and engagement, sprung hub disc for quiet, vibration free operation, made completely in house at CCI, and specifically designed to our specs. Your choice of twin organic or twin segmented ceramic.  Track tested, and fully capable of handling the extreme power needs of forced induction. 


Available for E36 5 speed and Euro Evo 6 Speed Transmission


E46 M3 6 speed and SMG Transmission


E36 or E46 Twin organic:

800whp and 600wtq capable



E36 or E46 Twin Segmented Cerramic

1000whp and 800wtq capable



CCI BMW Ultimate Twin Disc Clutch


Please allow 2-3 days for CCI to put together this clutch kit after the order is placed. These drop ship direct from their warehouse in Atlanta, GA.

 RallyRoad Ultimate Transmission Brace E36



RalllyRoad Ultimate Transmission Brace E36


Never break another aluminum transmission cross-member again! RallyRoad now offers a steel replacement transmission brace to replace the factory aluminum piece found on all E36 car with the ZF 5-speed manual transmission.  Laser cut, CNC Bent, TIG Welded for factory fit and high strength.


RallyRoad E36 Transmission Brace Upgrade  $149.00


 Bimmerworld Reinforced Urethane Transmission Mounts E36



Bimmerworld Reinforced Urethane Transmission Mounts E36


If you have ever heard of the "money-shift" you know how important these are.... where an e36 driver accidentally downshifts from 5th to 2nd gear for instant engine disaster! This issue is typical for all E36's since the stock rubber transmission mounts allowing the transmission to sway too much under load and hard acceleration or launches increasing the chances of mis-shifts.


Bimmerworld transmission mounts have been designed to greatly reduce transmission movement and increase stability of the transmission between shifts. Incorporating a medium durometer urethane for less vibration and a alloy upper cup to greatly reduce movement. This combination make an excellent compromise for street cars seeing numerous track weekends or higher horsepower modifications.


Bimmerworld E36 transmission mounts  $70.00



CES Motorsport NEW BMW E36 Steedspeed Twinscroll Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold

"We are very proud to offer the newest and greatest BMW E36 Bottom Mount TwinScroll Turbo Manifold available on the market today!"


CES Motorsport has been in collaboration with Steedspeed for the last few years to produce the Ultimate Bottom Mount Twinscroll Turbo Manifold for the BMW E36. 

This manifold comes with a T4 turbo flange,  and is capable of fitting turbos as large as a a Garrett 42R comparable size as a bottom mount, that can support as much as 1400 whp without the need for a scavenge pump. 

The divided integrated wg port on the manifold accomodates a Turbosmart Hypergate 45 wastegate, and keeps the full twin scroll effect. Will also accomodate a Tial MVR 44 mm wg with some minor modification.

CNC'd out of Billet Steel and ceramic coated for Ultimate durability with machined ports like a tubular manifold for incredible flow.  It's the best of both worlds without having the risk of cracking like a tubular manifold will.

Turbos that have been test fitted range from the Garrett GT/GTX35R size, to the Precision 67R size and Precision Gen2 7285 CEA, to the Borg Warner 8374 EFR and 9180 EFR turbos with up to a 1.45 AR exhaust housing.

This manifold will also allow for clearance of the 8374 and 9180 Internally wastegated Borg Warner EFR turbos for those who wish to run an EFR turbo with this manifold and not have boost creep issues. 

Competitively Priced versus other Twinscroll manifolds that also require dual wastegates and extra piping.



**You will need to run the dual internal/external wastegate combo in order to regulate boost pressure below 20 psi using an EFR turbo with this manifold due to the EFR's high spooling capabilities.**



Steedspeed BMW E36 Twinscroll Turbo Manifold